The 12-year-old girl that silenced the world for five minutes

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Severn Suzuki, 12-year-old with her friends asked basic environmental questions at ‘United Nations conference on Environment and Development Rio de Janeiro, 3-4 June 1992’.  We wish to repeat these questions in 2016,  ask out loud, again and again-  how worst have we gone since then and do we wish to change, change at all?

In November this year, Delhi almost came on the verge of zero-visibility post-Diwali. The collective damage that we have done to our environment is inevitable. All this is happening day to day, every day, before our eyes. And we choose, we choose be oblivious.

This little group had a dream as they say “In my life, I have dreamt of seeing the great herd of wild animals, jungles, and rainforests full of birds and butterflies.’ How ambitious and greedy their dreams are to be concerned for generations to come, starving children, and for countless animals on this planet.

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