Test Field Setup

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Currently the Kumbha Mela is taking place in Nashik. Nashik has 1.3 lakh inhabitants but during Kumbha Mela it easily pops up to 1 cruore people a day – especially at the three most significant days, the three Shabi Snans. We want to show how environmental data such as air quality, dust, CO, CO2 and other are changing in such situations. On basis of such data predictions can be made and – depending on what the data will show – precise actions can be taken.

Here is how we’ve set up the test field.

Twenty of our environment monitoring kits (EMK) are installed at crucial places in Nashik where the most variance is expected. Some boxes are installed in areas which are not affected by Kumbha Mela as a control mechanism. You can see all of them in the map below.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 1.44.47 PM

Data from these locations is sent to our server in Delhi where we collect it and show it in realtime in three different views. The first view shows all the data of a single unit in a very simple excel sheet.


The second view shows one specific environmental parameter for all kits, meaning all locations. Again in a simple excel sheet.


And the third view shows all data from all machines. Also in a simple excel sheet.


In a next step we will work on infographics to visulaize the data and make it easier to understand.

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