Tackling pollution should begin at the source.

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A lesson to be learnt.  Marine Litter Vital Graphics, highlights why it is important to act now to avoid living in a sea of plastic by mid-century. It highlights that a lasting solution to the problem of plastic pollution must include tackling it as its source.  It is co-authored by the United Nationals Environment Programme (UNEP), and Grid Arendal on how humans are producing and using plastic. It points out that in today’s time, there are more than 7 billion people in the world and plastic production exceeds 300 million tonnes annually. With this growing trend , by 2050, we will accumulate another 33 billion tonnes of plastic.

Imagine the same scenario in the case of air pollution.  If we continue with our current behaviour of exploitation, the  day is not far when clean air will have have to be purchased. It is our “Right to Breathe” and we should actively take part in making  the air-quality better. Time for us to join hands and identify the sources of air pollution and develop strategies to address them in an effective manner. Just like we need “upstream” governance actions that can help reduce the amount of plastic that enters the environment, we also require strong governance and community participation to address the issue of air pollution in India.

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