Open Data in India can drive innovation and save billions

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Open Data in India till date remains hidden behind complex technological framework and private monopolies making it extremely difficult for businesses or citizens to access it. Simply put, it is not as “open” as it should ideally be. A list of countries around the world have been working towards making data accessible to the public but not India. India did take a few steps towards it by launching the Open Government Data (OGD) Platform but seems to have pulled the strings back in the recent past.

A 2013 McKinsey report stated that economies around the world could unlock $3 trillion in annual economic potential across seven major domains if they made important data publicly accessible. Just imagine what India could gain from open data being one of world’s largest economies.

Businesses in India and the citizens have been stripped off the benefits of open data due to outdated systems, mandated by CAPTCHAs and formats that are not machine-readable, and apparent reluctance by the Government of India.

Open Data: Choking India’s Innovation Pipe, an article published on The Ken, speaks about the issue in detail. Do read it and share it as much as you can.

An article on also speaks of the importance of releasing raw data in machine-readable format making it more accessible.

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