Best Natural Ways to Keep Indoor Air Clean!!

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Some of the best natural remedies to solve the problem of bad air quality indoors are:

a) Good Ventilation Channels: Trickle vents can some of the best ways to ensure that air is properly ventilated and at the same time harmful air that is outside can be prevented from entering indoors.

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b) Using Beeswax Candles:  Standard candles release petroleum byproducts in the air. Beeswax candles burn clean and offer added benefit of ionizing the air to neutralize toxic compounds and other contaminants. Although these candles are a bit expensive but as a natural remedy, they are very effective as they  burn slowly require replacement very often.

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c) Charcoal: Charcoal is odorless and highly-absorptive. By simply putting a piece of charcoal anywhere inside the home will do the trick. Easy and cost-effective.

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d) Using Salt Lamps: These lamps not only provide effective light at homes but also help in cleaning the indoor air by releasing negative ions as they are made from Himalayan salt crystals. Although they are a bit expensive, but very effective for indoor air cleaning.

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