Open Data in India can drive innovation and save billions

Open Data in India can drive innovation and save billions

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Open Data in India till date remains hidden behind complex technological framework and private monopolies making it extremely difficult for businesses or citizens to access it. Simply put, it is not as “open” as it should ideally be. A list of countries around the world have been working towards making data accessible to the public […]

Connaught Place Pedestrianisation: A Critical Analysis

Connaught Place Pedestrianisation: A Critical Analysis

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Introduction The Indian government has decided to introduce the month of February as “Car Free” in CP or the “CP Pedestrianisation”. The initiative has attracted a lot of attention both positive and negative from people of different stratas. The idea is to see as to whether an initiative like this can help in controlling the […]

Clean Cookstove: an initiative for better tomorrow

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Nearly three billion people around the world burn wood, charcoal, animal dung, or coal in open fires or in inefficient stoves for daily cooking and heating. This reliance on inefficient cookstoves and fuels leads to a wide variety of environmental problems, including deforestation, air pollution, and climate change. In sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, the lack of […]

The 12-year-old girl that silenced the world for five minutes

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Severn Suzuki, 12-year-old with her friends asked basic environmental questions at ‘United Nations conference on Environment and Development Rio de Janeiro, 3-4 June 1992’.  We wish to repeat these questions in 2016,  ask out loud, again and again-  how worst have we gone since then and do we wish to change, change at all? In November […]

To combat air inequality, governments and researchers must open their data

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Both urban and rural parts of India face poor air quality, and Delhi, in particular, has been in the media limelight for high levels of air pollution. In November this year, Delhi faced an extreme air pollution episode which resulted in soaring sales of air purifiers and masks, and demand for action on air pollution. […]

Tackling pollution should begin at the source.

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A lesson to be learnt.  Marine Litter Vital Graphics, highlights why it is important to act now to avoid living in a sea of plastic by mid-century. It highlights that a lasting solution to the problem of plastic pollution must include tackling it as its source.  It is co-authored by the United Nationals Environment Programme (UNEP), and […]

Getting ready for launch

Getting ready for launch

Our team arrived back in Nashik on August 23, 2015 to get the environment boxes assembled and installed all over Nashik, and to launch this website. The schedule was tough since we’ve faced huge problems getting all the components in from our vendor SEEED in China. Custom clearings – mildly speaking – was a desaster. […]

A sandbox

A sandbox

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The India Open Data Association is a sandbox project. Not “sandbox” in a way that our projects aren’t mature or professional. No. When we say sandbox we mean it in it’s very original way. You set-up a wooden frame, put sand in it – and make it accessible. You don’t define any outcome, it’s an […]